Salmon Catcher fishing charters offer Lake Ontario salmon fishing​​


Salmon Catcher fishing charters provide salmon, steelhead, brown and lake trout  fishing trips on western Lake Ontario.
Departure times  May to October are mornings and afternoons.

All charters are private.  Only you and your friends are present on board
no sharing. Charter entire boat with up to 4 anglers for only:

Lake Ontario salmon fishing trip rates: 

            3 hours charter $260    weekdays special, other conditions apply.                            5 hours charter $360    full day trip*
            6 hours charter $480    fish Guarantee*
            8 hours charter $560    fish Guarantee*
            Additional time $80 per hour.

Fishing Lake Ontario mouth of Niagara River Great  Bar:
            10 hours charter $800 , transportation from Toronto included
                                                        The bar
The Niagara Bar, which stretches some five miles out is the result of eons of silt and sand flowing out into Lake Ontario from the Niagara River forming a sandbar that varies in depth from 15 out to 80 feet -- and then a 150-foot drop-off. The big attraction for fish is that the Niagara Bar because of its structure and currents holds a wide variety of bait fish. During the summer months, it's mostly round gobies and alewives, gizzard shad, emerald shiner and smelt the other months.   
All bait fish is perfect pray for King, Coho and Atlantic salmon. All types of trout like rainbow, brown and Lake Trout present here too. 
Please verify departure times with captain. They do change from May to November. 
Timing from dock departure to dock arrival.
Captain reserves cancellation or reschedule right due to high
Lake Ontario wind and wave condition.

Fish cleaning involves small fee. 
* Please see Voucher section

 Suggested extra Items to have: Worm jacket, long pants, sunglasses,  camera.
Departure location for all above charters:      
            120 Lakefront Promenade,  Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2C2
            Park your car at parking lot indicated by Blue sign:  Mississauga Sailing Club

Suggested Items to have:
Worm clothes, long pants, camera.
Please verify departure times with captain. They do change from May to October.